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Exteriors Associates Inc has been installing Professionally for over 25 years, and we are homeowners ourselves, So when we speak of warranties they will be understanding and clear.  Most of the legal verbiage gets confusing and tedious.  So, We believe that the simpler the language, the easier it is to understand. On that note:  Exteriors Associates Inc offers a 5 year workmanship warranty, no questions asked.  If you experience a problem due to our installation errors, we fix it!

5 Year Premium Guarantee: 

Your roof will be installed by our highly skilled technicians using premium materials that will supersede even the highest workmanship standards. Excluding major acts from God, your Roof/Siding/Gutters will not falter from normal, everyday exposure because it will be Installed properly. This commitment to excellence allows us to offer you our 5 year Premium Installation Guarantee. In the unlikely event your roof encounters any workmanship challenges; we will make any necessary repairs absolutely free for 5 years from the day of installation.

What to Expect During Your homes Transformation:

  • Noise: If you are planning to be home when the job is being done,  be fore warned that the work will be noisy. Sounds on the roof will echo through the home and compressor motors will be heard outside the home. Dogs and Cats love the sounds of your Voice, but not the sounds of construction. Please Arrange a safe place for them.
  • Debris: We pride ourselves on our cleanup. We will clean up all debris and materials from entire property. Note: each 10’ x 10’ section of roof has about 375 nails per layer or roof. An average home will probably have 15,000 nailed removed. At the completion of the job we will go around the home with a magnet to remove any loose nails. We do our best to get all nails, but occasionally you may find a couple after we have gone.
  • Dumpsters: Jobs requiring a dumpster will have the dumpster placed on boards in the driveway. We take all precautions necessary to protect your property from damage from the dumpster.
  • Trees/Landscaping: We will protect all flowers and bushes, as best as possible. However, sometimes a flower or branch may be damaged. Any branches or limbs that are overhanging the roofing area may need to be removed to allow for workers safety.
  • Attic/Storage Areas: We recommend that you cover all personal belongings in these areas due to the possibility of dust and debris falling through the gaps in the roof deck.. Exteriors Associates Inc will not be responsible for the debris in these areas.
  • Interior of Home: We recommend that you remove all items, which are not securely fastened, from the exterior walls and ceilings.  Exteriors Associates Inc. will not be responsible for any damage to interior items.
Our Warranties are to ease all homeowners that is something goes wrong, Exteriors Associates Inc, will be there to handle and rectify the situation for you…ALWAYS!
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